SmartFTP 4.0 Build 1049 released

SmartFTP 4.0 Build 1049 released

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  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Added header for special folders (Libraries)
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista/7: Added dynamic commands toolbar
  • Local Browser: Windows Vista/7: Added detail pane in the footer
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Support for Control Panel
  • FTP: Improved code page (UTF8) handling and detection. This should solve the problem with non-ASCII usernames and passwords
  • FTP: Added additional proxy type (USER proxyuser@user@host) e.g. for McAfee Web Gateway (formerly Webwasher)
  • Transfer Queue: When a schedule is changed for an item the last run time is reset and the next run time is calculated from the new settings
  • Transfer Queue: Reduced size of "Transfer Queue.xml" file.
  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Delete Folder and SetPermissions operations did not create new transfer queue items the right way (missing group id and parent)
  • Fix: Remote Browser: When moving a folder and merge is selected in the file exist dialog and no file/folder is skipped then the folder was not removed in the source
  • Fix: Splash screen now shows 4.0
  • Fix: Local Browser: Double click tried to open the file twice if the first attempt failed
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Windows XP: Potential crash when a browser window was quickly closed after it has been opened.
  • Fix: Favorites: Windows XP: Statistics dialog was not correctly drawed
  • Fix: FTP: Transfer limit implementation was broken
  • Internal refactoring (removed unused code from sfPidlStorage, corrected new operator exception handling, cleanup of MFC/ATL COM mix in browser implementation
Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

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